About us

The idea of the Concept operapovera ensemble dates back to 2005, when the opera stage director and artistic director of the ensemble Rocc, during his studies in Zurich, inspired by Grotowski's theory of poor theatre and the artistic style of arte povera, laid the basic thesis of opera povera ("poor opera"). The ensemble was then officially founded in 2013 in the Czech Republic by Rocc (Slovenia), the dramaturge Pavel Petráněk (Czechia) and the executive manager of the ensemble Tomáš Cafourek (Czechia) focusing on contemporary and experimental music-theatre aesthetics, with the following manifesto:

  • Having a feeling that today's world and art are overfilled with quantity of information and material ballast, operapovera is trying to find the essence of art in its modesty and simplicity.

  • operapovera is searching more than 400 years back in history to the birth of the opera genre to detect its original definition and the true meaning of opera itself.

  • operapovera is seeking new music theatre forms through research and experiment: opera is a synthetic art form and as music theatre it is an audio-visual medium, a symbiosis of sound and space. Thus, everything that in any way connects sound and space can be interpreted as “opera”. All the means used in opera must constantly be examined with the aim to move the boundaries of opera. Opera is an interdisciplinary multimedia art form that has to penetrate widely beyond classical theatre and thereby strive to attract wide audiences in an untraditional way and form.

  • operapovera is a method of creating or staging operas as anti-spectacular audio-visual art and thus it becomes a counter-position to the traditional "opulent" understanding of operatic form.

  • operapovera believes in minimalist and functionalist approach when working with content, form and material.

  • operapovera clearly proclaims that less is more and hence attempts with simple ("poor") means to achieve maximum spiritual and emotional communication between performer and audience.

  • Concept operapovera always connects art and life.

Concept operapovera team:

Rocc, Artistic Director

Pavel Petráněk, Dramaturge

Tomáš Cafourek, Executive Manager